Connect L2TP VPN to Windows 10

Hi friendos, this isn’t for everyone but, here I go over the process of connecting a macOS server VPN or any other L2TP VPN that may not connect as expected to Windows 10.

The Best Antivirus for macOS

One of the best solutions to keep your mac running smooth and adware/malware free. This dev also has other neat apps and utilities I recommend checking them out.

Install SnipeIT on Ubuntu Server

Here we go through a complete A-Z install of Snipe-IT using Ubuntu server in a VirtualBox. Here is the text file with some of the commands and VirtualHost config snipeyhead is the developer of SnipeIT check her out at

Fix Printing Problems macOS

Overview of how to fix most printing problems on macOS using CUPS interface. If you have a scenario and cant get your printer to print. give us a holler in the comments.

Mount Linux File System on macOS

How to mount linux file system on mac. Requierd software… SSHFS - Fuser –